Reopening Soon!

Here’s the latest on the Gilpin County Community Center reopening.

Last Saturday, a group of 25 volunteers from FGCCC, local 4H clubs, and other residents met at the center to help with cleaning and prepping. This is all to get it ready for an early March re-opening under guidelines from state and county health departments as well as the county commissioners.

Gabrielle should be releasing more information about the reopening by February 27th. She reminds everyone that the center will require reservations and people will be reserving a specific time slot to come and enjoy the center. This is as much for staff safety as well as for visitors.

Here’s a short video you should watch, which outlines all the rules for using the center under pandemic guidelines. Special thanks to FGCCC President Carolyn Collins Petersen, FGCCC special group leader Steve Schwettman, FGCCC secretary pro tem Karen Eye, Center staffers, and Mark C. Petersen, for their help in making this short instructional video.